cider + habs winning + juniors winning = YAY!

Friday, September 18, 2009

You heard me. Habs victories are always much nicer when you've had a tad bit to drink (umm, Price, you didn't hear that, okay?). Despite Ottawa icing their better players compared to the Habs "B team", the Habbies managed to pull out a win.

For the most part, it was pretty sad. Michalek got a goal within the first three mins whilst the Sens were on the PP (something that they seemed to be on for quite a while in the first period). Second period picked up slightly with Nielson getting into a couple of fights. Seriously, I'm trying to find how exactly where we got this guy from..... Skip forward to Ben Maxwell's AWESOME goal and yeah, it was really time to break out the cider. So pretty. So awesome. I love Maxwell. Well, I loved him as a Hammie and yeah.... moving on to more cider and more PPs and more missed chances and.... just when I was pleading with the Habs to end the game so I could go home at a decent hour, guess who scores?

Oh yeah.


So really most of the newbies have scored/been part of goals on the last two games. So. Cool.

Patches and Turtle-Pleky were a little sad not have goals but hey, there's plenty of time in the REAL season to do this, yes? Yes.

While I'm not really jumping up and down too much - hey, as lovely as it is to see hockey on TV again, it's still a pre-season game - I'm still happy for the boys! hockeyhockeyhockeyhockey!

In other news
  • Leafs trade away their first round picks for the next three years and a second round pick to nab Kessel. They then feel motivated to make a go of it against the Pens and beat them 3-2. Or 4-3. Or something with a 3 in it.
  • Panthers got blanked by the Oilers. Clearly, pre-season games aren't their thing.
  • The Blues decimated the Avs 6-2. Ow. A baby Junior goalie was in nets for part of that game too!
  • Phoenix is beating Anaheim. Derp. Derp. Derp.
  • I don't really care about anyone else right now
  • JUNIORS BEAT THE......FOREURS! 6-5. In OT. Hrm. Can we say "scoring fest"??! What were they doing putting Berube in there?! He just got back from the LA training camp. Guuh.


Number31 said...

Poor Berube. Jetlagged goaltender.

Neilson's a Bulldogs signing to a one-year contract. I hope he can get more years :D

Grrrreg said...

Yeah, the Panthers' problem is that regular season games don't seem to be their thing either. Not to mention playoffs games.

Alcohol definitely made the game more enjoyable yesterday!

Mike Brownstein said...

Kessel...goes from one rival to another...not too hard to keep disliking him?

Grrrreg said...

@ Mike Brownstein : Exactly! I think it makes our job easier. Pronger to the Flyers, Kessel to the Leafs, that's simple. Evil players going to evil teams. Now when a Komisarek goes to Toronto, it becomes a little more complicated!

Eternal Pessimist said...

Number31 - Really?! I missed that signing....D: Between him and Stewie, we've got some enforcers - who actually fight! Yay! And yeah... Berube sounds like he was completely jetlagged. Guh. Marcoux has had a respectable start in the complete absence of Allen or Berube so I have NO idea why Berube was starting.. GUH.

Grrrreg - you know, the one thing that IS the Panthers thing is that they sell dirt cheap tickets. I mean, lower bowl tickets starting at $50.00?! It's almost cheaper to go to Florida and watch their teams play someone else than it is to watch the Habs here. Almost.

Mike - But I have a huge problem with Boston helping the Leafs like that. I can only hope that Kessel goes the way of Sulky Heatley and doesn't do a thing for them.

Yves said...

Maxwell is showing some great potential... and he's bulked up a bit this year which will help him alot.

That Kessel trade.... .could go either way.

The Leafs could still be pretty bad for the next 2 years... and Boston gets some sweet pics making them deeper.

Or the Leafs somehow become decent this year and next and makes so Boston looses a very good young player.. (they could still likely get a couple of decent prospects with the pics though)...

As a Habs fan, I see no way that both teams get screwed. And that's too bad... I would have preferred that.


Eternal Pessimist said...

I think Chipper's potential career in the NHL is in serious trouble right now. I feel bad for him but what can you do? D:

The one bright spot to these pics is that the upcoming drafts aren't expected to be very deep. So really unless Toronto and Boston end up dead last in the league, it probably won't amount to a whole lot.

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