Bell Centre tour pics!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I was going to go all "squee" over the mini thing the Habs website had of Jaro. And then I wa sgoing to mention that Boivin might be out as president of the Habs. And then I was going to mention that Schneider has gone to the Canucks, nothing is confirmed about Tanguay signing with the Bolts and Lang might be given a tryout with the Habs this season. However, I got the pics from Grrreg of the Bell Centre tour and they're way more awesome than Tanguay.

So. My faves:

I have never ever ever seen the Bell Centre this empty before. It's pretty cool.


This little sign appeared as you go out onto the press gallery. I felt so important *G*

Now tell me the press doesn't get the most awesome view.

A corner of the players alumni lounge. Apparently Beliveau's family always hangs out here

That torch thing

TADA! The Habs dressing room!

Now if I was a rookie walking out here onto the ice with 20,000 people screaming, I'd be seriously freaked out. As it was, I was just a hockey fan seriously freaked out at the idea of walking out onto where the ice would be.


Grrrreg said...

Youppiville was the highlight of the tour!

Eternal Pessimist said...

lol, seriously! Youppi is so full of win =)

Yves said...

That place is gonna be rockin' soon.... nice pics.

Can't wait... not much longer..

Eternal Pessimist said...

it was so weird to see it so empty. I've never been in there when there's been nobody in there. It was weird. BRING ON THE SCREAMING FANS! =p

Number31 said...

Had my graduation by the red line. I should take the tour one day... I wanna see the dressing room! :<

Grrrreg said...

Do it before the start of training camp then, because after that and until the end of the season, the dressing room is not included in the tour.

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