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Saturday, July 11, 2009

(Baby Habbies! Of course the stupid bar had to ruin the photo but yeah... they're still smishy!)

Yup, yup! I went to see the Baby Habbies at Brossard today. I really have nothing to offer in the terms of how I think they look as players... so you get totally random and useless information instead.
  • Photos are here. Totally the last time I bring the dumb little camera that doesn't focus fast enough.
  • I made it there without getting lost. You actually can't miss the building... it's kinda big.... *coughs* Very glad I came early because by 9 it was already filling up and by 10 it was jammed...
  • They're buidling is AWESOME. And cold.
  • The goalies are HUGE. Seriously. We have smurfs for forwards but giants for goalies. It's weird.
  • Desharnais is shorter than Shorty Marty...and I mean.. I knew David was short from hearing about in Hammieland but dude... when he got on the ice, he was really short *G* (don't worry Shorty Marty. You will always be THE smurf of the NHL to me). Simila (the goalie who was just drafted two weeks ago) is a FOOT taller than Desharnais. And even Simila is shorter than Missiaen. Crazy.
  • There was a fair number of Hammies there. It took me a while to actually recognize them (thats what I get for only hearing about them on the radio)
  • Watching the goalies trying to climb over the boards was a bit... amusing =p It's not easy to do with those huge goalie pads
  • it is LOUD when they smash eachother into the boards right in front of you. VERY LOUD. My poor ears...
  • I can't wait until PK Subban becomes a Hab though... he was fun to watch and he was also insanely popular today. Number31 took this video of his penalty shot (they were giving out penalty shots instead of actual penalties)

And finally, my REALLY lame video of some of the "game".


Grrrreg said...

The building looks good. Your pictures are nice! Did any of the baby habs impress you, other than PK Subban?

Eternal Pessimist said...

You have to see it when you come here. YOU HAVE TO. It's like... a total must for a Habs fan.

Hmm... now that I'm more awake, let's see if I can put this into some more coherent words =p

The Hammies obviously impressed. Weber in particular. I really wish Desharnais could play in the NHL though. If I didn't have to worry about someone elbowing his head off, he'd be good. Patches wasn't playing as I later learned that he's apparently still rehabbing a groin injury.

Other than them... the goalies caught my attention the most. Mayer and Simila spent the most time down my end so I watched them a fair bit (it's kinda hard NOT to notice Similar and Messiaen although the latter was at the other end of the rink for the most part). Girard and Quattrocchi were both invited to the camp for a try-out, and considering they were the youngest (they're younger than I am even), I thought they did well.

Bennett was interesting too. All_Habs was there all week and he said Avtsin and Natinnen impressed him. He said too that guys like Dumont were not particularly fast. I saw a bit of Leblanc and I'm going to be totally selfish here and say that I want him to play in the Q instead of at Harvard.

Grrrreg said...

Thanks for the report!

Eternal Pessimist said...


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