And they wonder why I hate Christmas sometimes

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yes, the off-season has really ground to a halt right now (or rather my brain has simply refused to come up with a half decent post about Team Canada). So we're stuck with this crap.

Thanks to Capitals Kremlin for this one.

Yes, that's Crysob the Christmas tree ornament. Yes, I almost just puked.


Mike Brownstein said...

I noticed the irony in this, there's a tiny ESPN logo next to Santa :-P

Yves said...


Eternal Pessimist said...

Mike (you're hockeyisgood on Twitter, yes?) - So there is... Stupid ESPN =D

Yves - what are you pouting about? You're not a....Crysob fan are you? *g*

YourHabs said...

Ugh, Crosby Ornament = Fail

Number31 said...

It may be full of fail, but think of the fun one can have on a sunny day with a magnifying glass >:D

Eternal Pessimist said...

Oh.My.God. That is pure genius. All I need is an ornament and some sun. With the weather the way it's been lately, I think the latter would will the hardest to get. But still. You are a genius!

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