The ultimate insult

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Okay so last night I was playing pool with my dad. At one point I was complaining a little bit about the game (which wasn't exactly going in my favor at the time). Being the wonderful human being that he is, he turned around and said I was being the Crysob of pool.


Oh yes, he knew damn well what he was saying and he got what he wanted too: I shut up immediately.

So. I was thinking of ways to play next time that would ensure that I wouldn't be accused of being a Crysob (which for the records, I wasn't). I came up with a few ways:
  1. After sinking the right balls, jump up and smash into the wall (reminiscent of Ovie's glass-slamming)
  2. After a particularly beautiful shot, throw the cue (stick thing) down and pretend it's on fire
  3. Declare that we're going to play pool and once the other person starts say "I WIN" and walk away.
I'm sure there's more I could do. I'll even take Markov's blank staring. Anything. I will NOT be called Crysob again. Not. Not. Not.

Oh and... does the sidebar looked totally stretched out? I had to modify it to add my magic countdown machine in....


Grrrreg said...

I can't tell you about th sidebar, I'm mesmerized by your wonderful countdown thing. Awesome.

About the pool: you could also pretend you're Tortorella and waterbottle anyone calling you Crosby. Just be careful no to get Avery'd afterwards.

(and we HAVE to play pool when I'm in Montreal. I suck at this, but I like it anyway)

Eternal Pessimist said...

Oh yeah! I should totally go Torts and waterbottle the next person to call me Crysob *nods* and then I'd run away before I get Avery'd. Very smart plan *nods*

And yes! We will have to play. I will get all my practicing done now lol =p

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