So where's the fanfare?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm not talking about the royal treatment I didn't get when I got back from Sensland, I'm talking about the whole frenzy with the Habs new headcoach. Maybe I missed it. I mean, it's not like Sensland is big on hockey right now or anything... And I was going to mention this earlier but 1) I heard about the news JUST as I was leaving yesterday (thanks Bob for scheduling your presser at the most inconvenient times) and 2) I left my comp here. ANYWAY.

Jacques Martin.

Didn't know anything about the guy and after doing a quick Google search, I'm not sure I'm jumping up and down. Granted, what do you expect me to do when the guy apparently is has a personality that seems more boring than Bob's. If that's possible. No offense to Bob or anything... But oh well... a defense first type of mentality is a good thing. Especially for a team that really didn't seem to have any defense on most nights. And the guy technically has experience coaching. Unlike Tremblay, Vigneault, Therrien, Julien and Carbonneau did when they came in.

But I still can't shake the thought that "was he really hired because of his experience or because of the way his name sounded?" thought. Maybe I'm just really skeptical, but I still can't deny that was the first thing that came to my mind when I read the guy's name was "Jacques Martin". Especially with Boivin going around saying "we must have a French coach". I'm trying not to think that Martin was hired because he was the best option available under the Habs number one rule for hiring a coach "he has to be speak French" instead of the what should be rule number one "does he fit with the direction we want to take the team in? Regardless of where he was born, what he looks like, what language he speaks, what suits he wears, what he eats for breakfast, etc, etc".

We'll see. As long as he doesn't turn the team into the Devils I guess I can't complain too much (unless we get turned into the Islanders). And even if the Habs do get boring... I've got Mr. Exciting Goal Scorer to watch and Peach Fuzz. So I'm all set.

Oh yeah and we have no goalie coach... or strength and conditioning dude... Rollie got fired and the other dude who's name escapes my braindead brain is leaving......

Oh and... I have this crazy tradition of buying Habs stuff in other cities like Toronto, Quebec City and Ottawa. So naturally I had to go looking for stuff in Ottawa. You'd think that they didn't even have an NHL team there....there's like zero hockey stuff. I know their team is out but still... Quebec City puts Ottawa to shame in the department of selling useless hockey paraphernalia. But after hours of looking, I did find something!

You thought you could hide the Habs stickers behind all the Leafs and Sens crap, eh?! Well, I found them! And yes, I screamed like a little kid when I found them. The guy behind the cash looked so annoyed that I was buying a Habs thing. I'm starting to like these annoyed looks I get from people when I buy Habs stuff. It's fun. Anyway, I'm going to have fun trying to find places to stick my beautiful new stickers. I WIN MAJORLY TODAY! *walks away*


Grrrreg said...

I'm glad you're back! Congrats on finding the only habs merchandise in Sensland. Buying habs stuff in other cities is a good idea. I would enjoy the mean stares as well!

I don't really know what to think of Martin either. I'm glad they picked someone with experience. aAnd some defensive focus won't hurt I guess. But he never had much playoff success. And there's still that feeling that linguistics interfered with the coach selection process... I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Eternal Pessimist said...

Yeah, I'm trying not to be too judgemental of him right now. I want to give him a chance. I'll be patient.

The mean stares are SO funny. I got them x 10 in Quebec City. It so funny because they sold SO much Habs stuff there and yet they looked at you funny if you bought it... =p

Number31 said...

Martin > Lemaire in terms of least boring defense gurus so yey for that I guess...? And Quinn's out with the Oilers so don't have to worry about him.

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