Post-draft calm

Monday, June 29, 2009

Okay so now that I'm no longer taking pictures, running around the Bell Centre and trying not to walk right into the flood of draftees that were leaving the Bell Centre on Saturday (I swear I almost tripped up some Thrashers pick by accident as I was rushing back to the Bell Centre at some point).... Time to take a look at just WHO the Habs drafted. I mean, that was the whole point of this, right? Right.

Well first off... while I was writing this up, apparently Guy Boucher got announced as the next coach of the Hammies. Didn't I say there was a rumor about this like.... a couple of months ago? Granted it was entirely a rumor at the time and we all know that if you spew about rumors, you're bound to get one or two right by accident. But still. There we go.

Second, apparently Gainey did try to get Vinny on Friday *sighs* I was SO afraid that Bettman was going to say "We have a trade. The Montreal Canadians traded their souls for Vinny Lecavalier". Please, Bob, no. No Vinny.

Now back to the future Habbies...

Louis Leblanc

Well, I'm sure you've had your fill of Louis talk by now. Bottom line is he's a local guy, he's played in the USHL, he knows Danny Kristo, and the Habs love him. It would be nice if he lived up to a bit of the hype. Just a bit, you know? There's no rush or anything. I don't want to hear another word about Vinny Lecavalier and if you start making a splash then I won't ever have to hear about Skinny Vinny. GO LOUIS GO! And don't get sucked into all of that Bruins stuff while you're down there... Those Bruins are bad news.

Joonas Nattinen

Despite what I heard earlier in the year about the Finnish talent pool drying up a bit recently, this guy seems to have had a solid year in Finland. Number31 really likes what she's heard about him which is always a good sign *g* I don't like that he apparently said he thinks of himself as a cross between Mikko Koivu and Jason Spezza. Koivu is okay but... Spezza?! We need to have a little talk about that....

Mac Bennett

He sounds like he could end up like a Mike Green. Which is totally fine by me. Anybody who wants to play like Greenie is cool in my books. It sounds like the Habs would like him to play in the Q but they won't force him to and he could end up in Michigan (which is okay, I guess. I'd prefer him in the Q). I also have to say that I saw a vid of the prep-school he went to. The facilities look awesome. Not that that has to do with anything... I just wanted to point that out *g*

Alexander Avtsyn

Seems the Habs are still willing to pick Russians despite all the issues they've had with others in the past. Which is totally fine by me because Avtsyn sounds really cool. If I liked the sound of Bennett because he's like Green, then I really like the idea that Avtsyn sounds a lot like Ovie. He's put some up great numbers in Russia's second tier league (and hey, he's actually younger than me! Huzzah for that! *g*). I'm happy so see that he actually wants to play here too. I would love him to play in the Q or somewhere over here for a bit so he knows what he's getting into somewhat (also if he plays in the Q I can see him play!!!).

Gabriel Dumont

I remember this guy... I remember hearing about him during the Q's playoffs and I'm pretty sure he was at the Memorial Cup stuff. He knows if he makes it, it will be as a third or fourth line shutdown/grinder type of players and he seems content with that. He could end up like a Max Talbot kind of guy. Which I guess I wouldn't mind so much if he played for my team... hehe...

Dustin Walsh

Can you like a guy because his junior team has one of the best jerseys ever? Take a look at their website and you'lll see what I mean. Best junior jersey ever. Right behind the best NHL jersey ever *g* But seriously, he's put up some great numbers so I'm not sure why he was left to so late but I hope to see some of him (I'd say "more of him" but I haven't seen him play at all so...yeah, I hope to see him).

Michael Cichy

Don't have much on him but apparently he's Danny Krist's roommate. So hello Danny Kristo's roommate!

Petteri Simila

We're apparently supposed to be thanking the Pens up and down for giving us the last pick of the entire draft for a future 6 round pick. Thanks Pens. All we seem to know about Simila is that he's Finnish, a goalie and the comes from the same guys that produced Pekke Rinne.


Justin said...

From what I heard, you gave up a 3rd round pick next year for our 7th rounder this year.

Simila better be just as good as Rinne in that case.

Number31 said...

It was a 6th round, not a 3rd.

I was watching more of Walsh, and I really think if he continues developing on the path he's on, he could totally make AK46 redundant in a few years. Only as a bonus, he's a center. So it's like AK46 mutated with Ben Maxwell with a touch of Peach Fuzz. Seriously, if Walsh had Sergei passing him the puck...that could be full of win and awesome. I think he snoozed until so late in the draft because no one really pays attention to the OJHL.

I just realized...DOUG GILMOUR WAS A VEEEEEES! Woo Killer! (Always looked better in the blue-blanc-rouge). So was Kirk Muller!

Eternal Pessimist said...

6...7... is there really a big difference at that point?

AK46 + Maxwell + a touch of Peach Fuzz = Awesomeness.

And Muller was V-thingy? Now that is cool. I just saw a picture actually of Muller when he was like... really young... It kinda scared me *G*

Number31 said...

Muller Mullet!

I found out about that Cichy guy. He was the MVP for the 2009 Clark Cup championship the Indiana Ice won, after nabbing a league high 25 points (6G, 19A) on top of his 76 points (34G, 42A) in the regular season. Timmins sure knows where to find these guys!

Justin said...

You're right, it was a 6th round.

I'll go edit the Wikipedia page and fix that, then. Someone done screwed up.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Yes... the Muller Mullet *shudders*

Ooo props to Timmins for finding these guys *nods*

Justin - =)

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