Rumor of the Day

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hey, crap-rumors season is upon us. So let's have some fun with it. For today's rumor I have this:

The wonderful never pessimistic Montreal Gazette is saying that there was a report in some Russian sports site that Vyacheslav Bykov (you know him as the guy who lead team Russia to two successful crushings of Team Canada at the worlds) and his assistant Igor Zakharian were offered jobs as coaches for the Canadiens...

Say what?!

Yeah, apparently Zakharian said that both he and Bykov were offered the job by the president of the Canadiens but they turned it - and several other offers from different teams in different countries - down for some higher paying job in Russia.

Granted, this is coming from the Gazette which is coming from some Russian site which is coming from Zakharian.... but this is why it's called "Crap rumor season".

At least I can say that Bykov would have had one thing going for him: He speaks French. Apparently he learned it after taking a job in Switzerland a while back. So he'd fit Boivin's "we must have a French speaking coach" criteria. Although, I don't think having a French-speaking Russian was quite what he had in mind.....


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