Peach Fuzz wins me over

Sunday, May 17, 2009

But first I have one thing to say......

Oh my god. Roger Federer just beat Rafael Nadal. On clay. In Madrid. What. The. Hell.

For those of you who don't know.... the More-Adorable-Version-of-Crosby never beats the Ovie of tennis on clay courts. Never. Except for that one time in Hamburg a couple of years ago. The Ovie of tennis has an amazingly wickedly sick record on clay (try three loses in four years). He doesn't lose on clay. And he doesn't lose at home in Spain. Hell, the MAVC has not beaten the Ovie since.... well, it's been a while, let's put it that way. So yes. WAY TO GO ROGER! Yes, Djokovic probably did half the work for you by pooping out Nadal, but yeah. You won and deserved it. Congrats Roger =) For today, you are the hero for downing the Clay Monster. Way to go.

Now back to hockey...

So the Hawks lost in what looked too much like the very first time I saw Detroit play. You know, the first game of the Stanley Cup finals last year... where they blanked the Puffles? While the Wings didn't blank the Hawks, it was one of those games where you go "do they really have to play that well?" It was a statement game by the Wings. They're reminding the Hawks just who's boss. If it wasn't for Crabby Khabby then it would have probably been 10-2 for the Wings. Not kidding here. The Wings completely dominated the game and looked freakishly scary doing it. You just had to sit there and go ".....oh dear.....if they played like this maybe they could repeat?"

In the strange mind of EP that means that she's going for the Hawks now.

So Peach Fuzz Kane didn't do anything that I noticed. In fact I spent most of the game looking around for him.

But I think I like this team. I think. I think me saying "Peach Fuzz" all day today was what made me like them. I mean, how can you not like a guy who's called "Peach Fuzz"? Granted nobody but me knows who Peach Fuzz is but who cares? People are only now starting to get who Puffy and Eggplant are. And I'm not even sure about Eggplant. But still... It was so refreshingly nice to see someone's face other than Puffy's that I just had to go and be a fan. Especially when said face has peach fuzz instead of a crap excuse for a "beard". Yes, peach fuzz wins over the ugly "wannabeard" that Puffy has. Anybody but the Puffy! Please. For the love of hockey. Anybody but the Puffy.

Okay. I'm clearly beyond tired now because sane and awake people don't pick teams based on their playoff beards, right? right. Or that's just my very immature side coming out again. But yeah. Peach Fuzz Kane for the Cup, baby!

One day I will learn not to write up these things when I'm half asleep....

Note: from here on end, Peach Fuzz will refer only to Patrick Kane and not the entire Blackhawks team.


Number31 said...

Really? Federererer beat Nadal?! It *IS* the end of the world... Maybe there is hope for the BabyHawks yet.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Yeeeessh, the Fed beat the Clay Monster. I was pretty floored. I'm chalking it up to a bit of a flukey accident but I'm loving flukey accidents just the same =)

Agreed on the Peach Fuzz Hawks. They need some help.

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