On broken Caps, broken Bruins, Coyotes and Peachiness

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Department for Broken NHL Players just got a lot fuller

Well, not "just"....I'm totally late on the whole injury thing with the Caps, but wow... they were pretty broken by the time they faced the Pens. Not using that as an excuse but more as a bit of an explanation for some of the things that went on. Ovie had groin and wrist injuries apparently, Green had a shoulder thing, Erskine and Poti had broken feet, Morrisonn had some ankle injury, Schultz had a broken rib and didn't even make it to the Pens series. And....Semin had a injured thumb.

Thanks to Itty Bitty, we all know what a groin injury can do to you. Obviously you need feet and ankles to skate. And Green's shoulder could at least explain why he didn't want to check anyone and why a lot of his shots looked about as lethal as a 10 year-olds (don't worry Green, I still love you and your ridiculously weird/semi-cool hair cut). In Semin's case.... I don't know. I mean... I know from watching tennis that fairly minor thumb injury can severely affect the way you play (hello Ana Ivanovic). I mean, maybe this could explain his seemingly inability to pass the puck to his own team? I'll give him the benefit of the doubt here.

As for the Bruins... Wows. They were pretty broken up too. Not that I'm totally sympathetic here because they still beat my Habs. But still. Kreiji and Kessel are going to undergo pretty extensive surgery which could keep them out for months (hmm, I wouldn't mind not seeing Kessel again for a little bit). And then other Bs were injured too (forgot who). No, Chara and the Loochness Monster are both very much in one piece *pouts*

Edit: Oh here's some of the actual Bs who were injured (from Hailey at the Puck Stops Here):

Recchi: kidney stones
Ference: hernia/groin
Kobasew: played with some broken ribs
Savard: sprained knee
LOOOCH: bruised toe (is that kinda like Semin's thumb injury though?)
Chara: some groin thing

And uh.... Hunwick... *coughs*

And speaking of broken Itty Bitty... apparently it needs eye surgery now. Oh so THAT is why he couldn't score! He couldn't see the puck.....got it..... please don't point out that Itty Bitty actually did manage to score. We're chalking it up to a flukey accident.

The ruling on who owns the Coyotes is coming sometime today

I'm of the opinion that the judge will discover that I'm actually the real owner of the team. Yup. And then I'll move the team to some undisclosed place and name Dwatson783 the GM and we'll kidnap Looch, Peach Fuzz and Ovie. And then we're going to call the team the "Puffy Killers". Bwahahaha.

In semi-seriousness, I'm actually expecting the ruling to be in the NHL's favor. Which is a pity really....

Feel the Peachiness!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who is having (too) much fun with the Peach Hawks? Peach Fuzz is so much fun to say. Beats Puffy the Penguin any day. And you can Peachify just about anything. Except for Toews.... he seems... unpeachable... I mean.... Captain Peachy? I don't think so.....He'll have to settle with just being Toews. For now, until I can think of something for him. In the mean time....The Peach Hawks are coming to get you, Wingsies!


Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Recchi got busted ribs in game 4, scored in games 5 and 6, had a kidney stone out the night before game 7, and then still played 22 minutes on game seven.

Grrrreg said...

Where will you relocate the Puffy Killers, EP? You can't put them in Hamilton, it would hurt the Hammies. You can't put them in Montreal (or you'd become a habs enemy). What are you gonna do?

Oh, and I suggest you to steal Halak too. Little Slovakian goalies are a rare breed.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Yeah, Recchi... I knew I was forgetting someone important.... I actually think it's awesome that he came back and played. Awesome as a player/team thing of course.

Grrreg, Um... I'm working on that....I was thinking of maybe Gatineau or something so I could run the Senators out of business (Gatineau is right across the river from Ottawa). But then, to be a true Puffy Killer team, they'd need to be nearer to the Puffles...I'm thinking. For now they're the Undisclosed Location Puffy Killers. Doesn't that sound cool?

The Puck Stops Here said...

lol to add to your joy of bruins injuries there's more than krejci & kess :p

recchi: kidney stones
ference: hernia/groin
kobasew: played with some broken ribs
savard: sprained knee
LOOOCH: bruised toe
chara: some groin thing

and sturm & hunwick were already injured. so, we're pretty banged up :(

Eternal Pessimist said...

I knew there were more... I just couldn't think of them off the top of my head =D

And the Looch did get injured? Must have been some bruise to actually be worth mentioning...*g*

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