Game 7

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I detest Game 7s. It's like OT. Everything is on the line. There is no "well, if I lose, I could still have a chance next time". No. It's do or go home. Game 7 is where you bring everything you've got. Needless to say, it's very unpleasant to be the loser of a game 7. Knowing that you were that close and yet ultimately you fall short. Not that I've ever been on the losing end of a game 7 actually.... I've only sat through one with my team and my Habbies blanked the Bruins in that one (I can still see that 4th or 5th goal slide right past Marshmallow....)

But now I have to suffer through not 1, not 2 but 3 game 7s. How's that for some insane bad luck?

The Bs remembered that they are the Bs who finished second overall and started demolishing the Whalercanes. The fact that I had the Bruins winning this in 6 with the Whalercanes forcing the extra games, doesn't really make me feel any better with the probable Bruins victory.

The Dumb Ducks also won a few bad bounces/lucky breaks. When I say dumb, I do mean it as they took two too many Ducks on the ice penalties. Obviously counting it not their forte. I also laugh every time I hear the words "Ducks" and "fight". I mean, yeah, it's all the DUCKS know how to do, but really... I've never seen a real duck fight. A goose, yeah. They're nasty. But a duck? No way. It should be an interesting final because I think the Wings will remember who`s the boss here and will at least try to put up a better effort back home.

Anyway, everyone else can drop of the face of the earth right now (except for the Wings) because all that matters right now is what's going to happen in less than 10 hours at the Verizon Center.

I'm pretty nervous about this one. I don't think anybody really doubted that this series would go the distance. That this series has actually lived up to the hype and gone beyond in some cases, is pretty unbelievable. It's been a very wild ride so far and I hope for the Caps it continues into the next round. I'm not offering up any advice or anything on this one.

You know which team I want to win. You know I'll be sitting there screaming in a Habs shirt because rocking the red in a Habs shirt is lucky. And you know that, no matter what the outcome is, I'll still be planning my trip to Washington next year to see them live =)

Edit: Oh Bruins fans, you are so nice to me! (no sarcasm meant this time! *g*) Dwatson783 got me to listen to "The Pretender" by the Foo Fighters. I've never heard it before but man, I am listening to this all day. We're calling this Ovie's pre-game song with a certain Puffle in mind =)

Nobody ever said I was the most... sane fan out there...



Justin said...

I had the Bruins in 5. Needless to say, that didn't quite work out. I did have Pens in 7, so that's still possible.

Of course, I had the Hawks in 7, but over the Sharks, and the Wings in 6, but over the Canucks, so I don't know if those will count for anything.

I do know that I'll likely end up with another sore throat tonight, requiring me to make myself a mug of tea. :)

Eternal Pessimist said...

I think I just put everyone winning in 6 games... I'm a lazy girl when it comes to these predictions =p

I've got my tea ready for tonight too. The Cardiac Caps (and the Heart-attack Habs) have already given me a sore throat. So I'm ready for it =)

Grrrreg said...

Poor EP, the Caps are torturing you... Two game 7 in the first two rounds, that's just cruel.

But, honestly, a game 7 is what hockey is all about. It's incredibly stressful (and I won't even mention a possible Game 7 OT...), but it's something you can't forget!

Justin said...

Don't even say that! I swear I had palpitations in the other OT games!

Eternal Pessimist said...

They aren't called the Cardiac Caps for no reason....

And I have to agree with Justin for once (*g*). Don't you even think about OT. I can't survive another OT...

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