Broken Wings vs "good little divers"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The poor Peachhawks were sent packing tonight in OT. I'm a little crushed but I was fully expecting this so I guess I'm not too cut up about it. Well, okay, it was sad. Really sad. But there is some positives.

The good
  • I got my Peach goal. I love Peach Fuzz.
  • I love the Peachhawks. They're totally my team in the west right now.
  • Huet... oh my god.... I felt kinda proud of him. Even if I never saw him play here. Felt better about that performance than I did about Theodore's as a Cap anyway... Way to be awesome Huet. And that foot save in the last few seconds of regulation time to keep it tied? Amazing.
The bad
  • Another flipping Wings/Pens final
  • The Wings are broken. The Pens aren't.
  • I still don't have faith in Ozzy to out-goalie Flambe....
  • I'm clearly not a die-hard Peachhawks fan yet. I'm not depressed and I'm now going back to the Wings - not that I had a choice.
The ugly
  • Puffy. What? You thought I was letting that one pass? Nope.
  • I think I just agreed to wear a Looch shirt........ someone please go out and destroy all Looch shirts by the morning. Thanks!
  • Hossa vs. the Puffles. Oh the over-dramatic storyline here....
The "what the heck TV"
  • TV talks about Canada's deficit which suddenly got a lot bigger and for some reason they randomly show footage of an Ovie goal. Not getting the connection there, TV. Oh well. I liked seeing Ovie score. Made me all happy inside.


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