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Sunday, April 26, 2009

HELL YA! With a little help from the Rags, the Caps have now evened up the series! WHOOO!

I thought the Rags would at least show a little effort here but no such thing. They were so relaxed without Torts that they fell asleep and even Avery couldn't get anything going. The Rags rolled over after initially tying up the game 1-1 and it was all Caps. Jurcina got the first goal which I missed because I was watching Hellboy for a second, Green got a sweet goal which I saw, Poti got a goal on a 3 on 1 chance which I was screaming at him to put away and Kozlov made up for a sloppy error that almost cost the Caps and scored before flying into the net. I wanted an Ovie goal and I got one even if it was just a deflection (it's still an Ovie goal!). The best the Rags could come up with was attempts to run over Ovie. Okay fine. They got one goal on a 5 on 3 and another one on a... either a 5 on 3 or a just finished 5 on 3 which turned into a 5 on 4. I dunno. Doesn't matter. Staal Bro. 3 got a goal with 5 seconds left but it was all pretty moot anyway.

Reason number 46789065 that it sucks to have your team go out....

You have to suffer through a Whalercane/Devils game. Enough said.

I think my shirts are cursed...

...because whenever I wear a Habs shirt, the Habs lose (oddly enough, when I wear a Habs shirt, the Caps win). Apparently it also cuses the Baby Habs as well because tonight the Hammies were eliminated by the referees who were beyond awful. Thanks refs. You officially suck. You're lucky that this aint' Slovakia or else one of you might get whacked....

I feel for the Hammies. They went out like the Habs did. Got an early goal. Looked good. Refs sucked. The other team scored and it was all over. At least they didn't boo them in Hamilton *coughs*

It's okay Hammies. We love you!

In World Championship news.....

In their first appareance in I don't know how many years, Hungary got insanely unlucky to be in the same group at Canada. Now it wasn't as bad as the time that the Slovak women's team won a game 82 -0... but... it wasn't too pretty either. How about 9-0...? With a Shorty Marty hatrick a 56 to 16 shots on goal in favor of Canada (maybe Jaro should have changed his nationality to Hungarian).

In the words of the PA guy in Boston: WhooooOOOOOOOOOooooooooo! Poor Hungary though. If they can't beat Grabs and Co then they're back to being relagated. Poor guys.


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