Day 4: A very late pre-game rant

Saturday, April 18, 2009

First off... My Caps suck. They didn't bring any of the intensity and emotion that I saw in the first game. I was NOT pleased. King Henrik is starting to remind me of Biron the Sieve from last year versus the Habs...Lundqvist has already gotten into the Caps heads, I think, and it's frustrating them. Especially Ovie. He was not pleased at all. Not at all. Poor Ovie...

Second....Tim the Marshmallow now has a voodoo doll. Pictures will be up later when I find my camera. While you're awaiting Tiny Tim's appearance, take a look at Amanda's wonderfully ugly Chara voodoo doll. Isn't he great? Tiny Tim wished he could compete with that uglyness but he just can't.... I did however accidently rip his arm off at one point.... And I accidently eye-gouged him too.... Maybe his spleen will rupture now (more on that in a sec).

Third..... I'm waiting for the Wings to score another goal while listening to the Hammies.

Fourth.... HABS VERSUS BRUINS BABY! A few things...
  1. I'm afraid for Komisarek
  2. I realize that Hunwick's injury could be serious and I'm not making light of it - because I don't want to see anybody get seriously injured - but.... the way TSN was talking about it, you'd think that you could get a ruptured spleen by getting your eye poked by a Habs player....Unless Hunwick's spleen is in his eye then there is no way that he got that injury by Komisaurus whacking him in the eye.
  3. Boullion could be in.
  4. Turtle-Pleky and Dagger are out. Weber and Sergei are in (maybe now Andrei can do something good?)
  5. I hope nobody dies tonight


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