Things I'll miss about the 08-09 Habs

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Despite all the "well, there wasn't a lot to miss about this year" crap, I for one will be missing a lot about my Habs. Yeah, the fact that I'm already pining to see les boys on the ice and the fact that I'm writing yet another thing about the season means we're in for a very long off-season... Anyway... Things I'm going to miss about this year's Habs:

The Wickedly Awesome Forwards
  • Kovalev goals. Ovie may score flashy and exciting goals but Kovy's goals that go right through the goalie are insane.
  • Koivu's enthusiasm when he scores. He gives Ovie a run for his money.
  • Turtle-Pleky's turtleneck shirts. I dunno. I find them kinda funny.
  • Mr. Perky (Lang) and his perky interviews (even though it took me about a week to understand what the heck he was saying).
  • Lapierre's shootout winner against the Sens. Hey, I was there for my first ever live hockey game. While I didn't actually see the goal because I was at the wrong end of the ice, it still meant that the good team won in Ottawa that night.
  • Gui's wraparound goal against Huet =)
  • Kostopoulos' effort. The guy can't hit the puck at the net to save his life but he works really hard
  • Tanguay's little feud with Mike Keenan. I found it amusing.
  • Higgy's hatrick versus the Sens. Not only was the hatrick nice but the Sens got blanked =)
  • Laraque and the never-ending melodramatics that followed him...
  • Metro and his first game with the Habs. The poor guy was a Flyer one hour and a Hab the next. He did well after his first shift though.
The "can't really play D on most nights but are still cool" D-men
  • Schneider plays
  • MARKOV. Nothing needs to be added to this. Markov is amazing. I want a billion of him.
  • Gorges scoring and the team not losing when he scored
  • Dandeneault (err we're pretending that he's supposed to be D) when he stayed on the ice until the end of his shift despite breaking his arm
  • Komisarek as "assistant coach" while he was injured. His record is better than Gainey's =p
  • O'Byrne... well... You did have a couple of good games =)
  • Breezer... oh man... Breezer.... I liked it when you sat up in the press box. I'm sorry. I'm sure you're not a bad human being, but it's time to call it a day as a hockey player. Although, actually, you did have one spectacular save in the game against... I think it was Chicago. So kudos.
  • Hammer and Boullion... I'm sure you've both done something that was really neat. I know Boullion had a goal against the Panthers when they came at the beginning of the season and nobody thought that we'd win.... and I know Hammer has blasted some pucks past goalies...
The Totally Wonderful Goalies
  • The Priceberg when he's on top of it
  • Halak-attacks
  • Jaro in his ugly backup-goalie hats. Actually, Price looks just as bad in those hats when he's on the bench... But Jaro looks the worst. Poor Jaro!
  • Jaro beating the Sharks (because it started my hate-affair with the Joe Thornton)
  • Pricey shutting out the Sens and his fantastic win against the Hawks and even more fantastic effort against the Sabres in their last meetup.
  • Jaro looking dazed but happy as he stops 40+ shots to win a game
  • Pricey and Gorges with their funny victory celebrations
  • Price's victory pose after the Habs beat Tampa Bay in shootouts
The Hammies (because it's nice to know that we could have a good future with these guys)
  • Weber plays - which happened once but the guy hardly got to play this year - were awesome too. Oh I think I just found a new Swiss-dude to like a lot (sorry Roger!)
  • D'Agostini with his pile of goals when he fist got called up
  • Patches and his first NHL goal against the Devils
  • Stewie and his baby-face-harder-than-rock-head. My favorite Stewie moment was when he tried to fight Steve Ott and Ott waved his injured hand in his face. Ott was feeling well enough to bash around the rest of the Habs...
  • Denis sitting in as Jaro's backup. Wasn't too pleased about him playing against the Devils but he looked good as Jaro's backup.
  • Maxwell, Henry Janik and Chipper - well, so you didn't have too much of an impact while you were here. But I love what you're doing in Hamilton. So keep that up!
The Belarussians (because they need their own section)
  • AK46 with his wicked shots that go through a goalie. There weren't enough of those but when they happened they were great
  • Kostitsyn bros plays. Again, there weren't enough of those either but I loved those when they happened =)
  • AK46 standing up for his little brother. Although really.. you need to learn how to fight...
  • Sergei yapping at Grabs
  • Grabs with his whole "I don't think Sergei's Belarussian. He's French." spiel. Either something got seriously lost in translation or else Grabs is really weird. It was hilarious either way though.
And Begin
  • I'm just happy that you got to go play for a team where you could actually play more =)


Number31 said...

I miss them all! :(
At least we can watch a few of them at the IIHF, just too bad there won't be any Brothers for Belarus because they're both so injured... It'll be weird seeing Higgy play for Ron Wilson (the bad one, not the good Dogs one).

Eternal Pessimist said...

I was totally forgetting about the bad Ron Wilson.... Yuck.. I don't want to see Higgy playing for him...that's just.... wrong....

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