Prepare for the Bruins, people

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Don't ask how it happened but it did. Habs lost 3-1 despite some down right excellent playing by Price. If anyone dares to even blame him for this loss, I will turn them into a voodoo doll and kick them because he was absolutely stellar tonight. The rest of the guys? Not so hot. I don't know why anyone would want to play Boston but they were playing like they really wanted to be in 8th. So there you go. You're in 8th. Congrats. I'm tempted to say that you're all doomed but I won't. I don't want to fall into the same doomsday category that a lot of Habs "Fans" have put themselves in.

Now that my little tirade is over......

Uh.... yeah, we'll be seeing the Bruins. I'm so calm about this that it's scary.

And the Hammies won in OT in their last game of the season versus those dratted Marlies. The score was 2-1 in OT. I missed the Marlies goal and the second half of the third period but yeah... Whatever. The game was death to listen to for once mainly because it kept stopping and starting and stopping and...and Al Craig the normal commentator guy who works with Flandersdude who I never noticed before, bugs me. But anyway....Hammies will take the previously elusive five game winning streak into the Calder Cup Playoffs next week when they take on the Grand Rapids Griffins. I'm actually pretty excited for their playoffs =)

And.... Grrreg wants to do a playoff prediction contest type of thingy - which I fully endorse as long as I get to rig so I win. Just kidding about the last bit *g* But apparently he's working on that (right, Grrreg?!) so if anyone else who happens to see this blog is interested go bug Grrrreg about it =p

Oh that we won't be meeting Washington, I will be buying myself an Ovie shirt =) I saw a pretty one with his name in Russian on the back....I figured I wouldn't get killed if I wore an Ovie shirt here. It's not like I'm going around in a Daniel Briere one.... could you imagine.....?


Grrrreg said...

Beware, we could face Washington in the second round! :P

Eternal Pessimist said...

Good point... Well, I'll just hide it if that happens.... =p

How's that work coming along, by the way? Yes, I"m impatient =D

Grrrreg said...

I'm thinking about something really simple. Like predicting all the series (and their lenght), and doing this for each round (possibly with extra points if the teams you picked in the rounds before are still there).

And to spice things up, we could add a few bonus points for random questions that you're supposed to answer before the playoffs start. Here I'm thinking about questions that are really random and require more luck than hockey knowledge.
Things like:
- who will win the Conn Smythe? (answering this right now is a bit of a crapshoot)
- what color will be Don Cherry's suit for the first game of the finals?
- how many goals will be scored during the cup-clinching game?

If you have other ideas, let me know.
So, whet do you think? Any suggestions?

I think I'm gonna talk about this on the comments section of "Interchangeable Parts", so that other people join us.

Eternal Pessimist said...

I like that *nods* I was going to suggest taking a swat at the amount of goals scored in each series but I'd lose for sure on that, so pretend you didn't hear that =D

So how'd the points thingy work though? If you guess the series correctly you get so many points or something like that? And if you're wrong.....? or partially wrong? Like say I said Caps would win in 7 and they win in 6...? Maybe it should be so many points for every win the team you picked gets and then you deduct points for each loss? I dunno? You probably thought of something so I'm rambling for nothing? =D

Grégoire said...

I dunno? You probably thought of something so I'm rambling for nothing? =D

Hmmm, I'm thinking about the scoring thing right now, and it's more complicated than I thought!

Eternal Pessimist said...

Give me a shout if you want some help. I'm sure we could figure something out if you're stuck =)

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