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Monday, April 6, 2009

(no one ever said I could do photoshop things with any skill)

You know, the more I think about it, the more I have to say what a stupid name the "Ottawa Senators" is. I mean really. Think about it. In Canada, senators are those boring overpaid guys who do go around doing boring things while getting overpaid to do it. They may occasionally help draft in a new law but that's really it. I think Senators and Mike Duffy's face pops into my head. Is this really who you want your team to be named after? Oh wait.... Sens=boring overpaid guys who skate around doing boring things while getting overpaid to do it.. OH! I GET IT NOW! EUREKA! I was going to go on a whole spiel about how the dude on their logo is actually a centurion dude thing which made more sense because they did battle related stuff unlike the Senators. And how they should have been called the Ottawa Centurions instead...But I get it now..... Very clever.....

Anyway.... Is it obvious that the Sens Cens are coming to town tonight? This is my last chance for this year to bash the Cens. I want to be able to continue bashing them by the end of the day as well. I want a win and I want a resounding win. Of course... if Markov and/or Schneider are out for tonight, we're screwed because that means Breezer will be in *wails* but we won't think about that while we're sitting in our chairs bashing Jason Spezza.

Edit: Okay, we're screwed. Both Markov AND Schneider are going to be out for tonight. @#$%^. Our D just went out the door. Someone go squash Grabs, please.

We need this win. Mainly because the Pens suck and lost to the Panthers who actually tried. Crosby needs to stop getting into hissy fits against the Panthers. Well, maybe not. It's too funny. This is the second time this year that he's taken on a Panther and the second time that he's gotten extra penalties for his troubles. Ah Sid.... I think ickle Geno can take care of himself, you know? Maybe not... for a big guy he certainly gets knocked around a lot.... Whatever. I still think it should be the other way around...

ANYWAY. I meant to put up a limmerick about Grabs the other day and promptly forgot... So... yes, here is some belated Grabs bashing...

There once was a guy called Grabs
Who used to play for the Habs
He'd whine and complain
And got kicked off the plane
Now as a Leaf he goes around and blabs

And one other because once I get started on this stuff I can't stop...

The NHL once had a site
That couldn't get anything right
It announced our doom
When in fact the Sens went boom
Therefore their headlines have no bite


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