Game 82: THE END

Friday, April 10, 2009

(try skating on that: what was left of the ice at my local outdoor rink about two weeks ago. I just HAD to take a picture of it even if it was pouring rain and my camera hated me *g*)

Tomorrow night, the puck will drop in the Bell Center for the last time during the regular season. By this time tomorrow, the Habs will have finished their long and whacky season. Being 11:00 at night and being tired, I'm getting all mopey at the prospect of the season coming to an end. I think reality hit in that this really is the end of the hockey season when I turned on the TV and the only thing on was golf (*pukes*) and baseball (*pukes*). If I really strain my brain I can remember the first night the puck dropped in Buffalo way back in... October? It seems like yesterday on the one hand and like centuries ago on the other. It's been one very wild and crazy season. I'm not too sure how I'll go through the summer without hockey. A summer filled with Andy Murray winning everything is not appealing in the least. Oh well.

A few notes on the game tomorrow:
  • If the Habs win and the Rags lose on Sunday, the Habs will meet Washington. A Habs loss tomorrow basically means we'll see Boston. Guess which one I'd prefer. Hint: Lucic is quickly reaching "Grabs hate" levels.
  • Crosby the Voodoo Doll will be out tomorrow. With any luck he'll have a new friend in Grabs the Voodoo Doll.
  • A win at home to finish the season would be nice regardless of it's playoff implications
  • I hate the playoffs and the Penguins but I'll suffer through both
  • Boys: Watch out for Malkin tomorrow night
  • Crowd: Please boo Crosby
  • Bloggers: Enjoy the game regardless of what happens
Oh and... the Hammies clinched 2nd in their division with a beautiful comeback win over the Grand Rapids Griffins (oh, I remembered their name this time!). These two teams will face each other next week in Hamilton. Should be interesting! The Hammies wrap up their season tomorrow night as well when they face the hated Marlies.


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