2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Day 1: NOT COOL PEOPLE!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Caps vs Rags

Never tell me that Jaro looks shakey. Jose tonight was the definition of shakey. Yeah, yeah, it's the playoffs, yeah, yeah.... but really. Theodore was terrible tonight. TERRIBLE.....Not saying it was all his fault but really....UGH!!

The bad
  • Caps inability to keep up their really strong offense (SIXTY MINUTES, YES?)
  • Caps inability to get the puck past Lundqvist more times than the Rags scored on Theodore (the Caps has their chances, they outworked the Rags for most of the game too)

The really bad

  • Theodore looking about a third of his size in the net and just looking like a lost five year old in the net....
  • The refs who were unbelievebly blind when it was important...

The ugly

  • Sean freaking Avery. Obviously.

Pens vs Failures

The good

  • Uh.... someone hit Crosby?

The bad

  • The Flyers
  • The Flyers
  • The Flyers
  • Glasses (my new name for John Stevens and he always goes in the bad books by default because there is no way in hell I'm going to like him. Sorry dude!)

I didn't see anything but the highlights and they were UGLY. Stupid Flyers....(and yes, the playoffs are here so I can start verbally abusing those Flyers again. Sorry....!)


You mean they were playing? I was snoozing.... Smevils won and I'm sure they're ready to annoint Brodeur as a Saint in Devilsville.

BAH! And now some guy that looks like a penguin is singing the national anthem in Vancouver. I hate the playoffs *g*


Justin said...

The Flyers would have a half-decent shot in this series if they could just quit with the douchegoonery and play the game. Taking 15 penalties, almost all of them blatant, is just sheer idiocy, and yet they do it over and over.

It's no wonder that they're probably the least-liked team in the league outside their home city.

Eternal Pessimist said...

So we have the Flyers who are the least-liked team playing the Penguins who have the least-liked player in the league? Interesting.... =p

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