Rags down Habs in shootouts

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I wasn't going to watch this game. I came to the conclusion after the Habs lost to the Devils that they were literally affecting my mood for the worse. After two days of Habs free games, I was happy and perfectly ready not to watch the game. But I caved in and watched it anyway. Oddly enough, I'm not depressed. Yet.
  • the game was pretty even in the stats department until the third period
  • watching the game however, was again, brutal at times. The Habs looked slow and were constantly outskated by the Rangers at times
  • At other times, the game was great to watch. The guys were getting chances, if not high quality chances, they were still getting chances. They were battling. They just couldn't seem to keep that up for more than a every other shift or something.
  • Defense was downright horrid at times....
  • I think Gainey forgot how to tell the guys that passing the puck to the other team is a bad thing
  • Avery is a twit
  • The crowd was into that game for sure. It sounded awesome. I'm jealous.
  • The Rags aren't first on the PK for no reason....
  • Habs continually battled from three one goal deficits. Lundqvist helped on the third one by Markov by being asleep. Thank you Henrik.
  • Kovalev had a beautiful goal to make it 1-1 . It was like... Ovie cool =) And in the absence of Ovie scoring tonight, that goal will have to do as the coolest of the night.
  • Lapierre's goal was beautiful too.
  • Rags goals were icky and I hate Antropov even more =)
  • The refs liked to make up calls tonight. At leas they were even about it.
  • Did I ever mention that shootouts were stupid?
  • To all you Price-haters: He was the reason why the Habs walked away with 1 point. It could have easily been 5-3 for the Rags. Price had some awesome saves that saved the Habs. If you want to blame someone, blame the defense. They were awful. Brisebois, Schneider and Gorges were pretty awful (Breezer did have a couple of nice plays but they don't really negate the rest of the bad plays).
  • about the shootout... In case no one watched it, Kostitsyn missed the net, Kovy and Markov scored as did all of the Rags. So. Really, Lundqvist didn't save a damn thing in the shootouts. If it had been th eother way around nobody would be whining about it. So stuff the Price bashing.
  • Yeah, now I'm mad all the people who think that Price was crap.
Forgot about the other stinkers in the league... Righto.
  • Blackhawks suck and couldn't beat the Devils. Thanks for nothing.
  • Sens sucked until they woke up and beat the Sabres 4-2
  • Atlanta has gone back to being stupid and got decimated by the Pens. And that was after scoring 30 seconds into the game! Stupid Thrashers.
  • Tampa Bay got seriously embarrassed and couldn't hold a 3-0 lead on the Leafs and lost in shootouts. Like seriously..........
  • Panthers got blanked by Theodore. Yes, Theodore. And he only faced something like 20 shots all night (Price faced nearly that much in the third period alone). Ovie is forgetting how to score again and is making me very sad..........C'mon......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Flyers su.... Ahem, Flyers failed to hold a 2-0 lead and lost 3-2 to the Red Wings. They continue to be cursed at the Joe.
  • Sharks suck and lost 4-3 to the... Coyotes? Coyotes did score 30 seconds into the game too....
  • Wild and Oilers won in shootouts and Vancouver ran over Dallas. Whatever......


Justin said...

Wish you guys had won. I can't stand the Bullsh...I mean, Blueshirts...

kristin said...

Ha! I liked how you stopped yourself in your Flyers bashing!

I was sad not to see the game, but I think your theory about happiness and Habs games must be right. The few minutes that I did get to see made me happy (seeing Kovy looking good) then sad (shootout loss...ugh.)

No Habs games = good mental health!

Eternal Pessimist said...

Justin - hahaha. I'm not a huge fan of the Rags either and with the addition of Avery and Antropov I'm really not liking them anymore.

Kristin - not bashing the Flyers is really hard work. It's so automatic *g* Sometimes I think I'm crazy for getting upset when the Habs lose.... but I can't seem to help it very easily. I won't even go on about how awful I was feeling when a certain team beat my poor team to a pulp in the playoffs...*g*

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