Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm sure the Devils fans are cheering beyond belief right now. Good for them. Really. I mean that. It's nice to hear about people cheering in happiness when their team wins. Wish I remembered what that was like. Anyway... As much as the game was painful from a Habs perspective, I was more worried about dying of boredom again than anything else. I mean, damn those Devils are boring as hell to watch (no pun intended in the least!). If Bettman wants games where people score more then he should ban the Devils from the league. Bleh. Get this, the Leafs single-handedly generated double the amount of goals scored by the Devils and Habs combined tonight.

It took a whole period for the Habs to calm down and stop getting totally beat up but by that point I think they had already reached the point of no return as it was 2-1 for the Devils on two awful goals (sorry did pick it up after though!). That whole first period they looked awful and while they generated some offense during the next couple of period it was neither particularly strong nor was it sustained for more than a milasecond. I'm really not sure how anyone can give Brodeur full credit for winning this game because at the end of the night, I'd give all the credit to the guys in front of him. Whatever. For a guy playing in his 1000th game, Brisebois actually didn't look that awful for most of the game. He had some nice plays actually and broke up a 2 on 1 rush at one point.

Enemy watch
  • Flyers downed the Rangers. That's good.
  • Boston beat the Islanders 2-1. I've got mixed feelings about this one. Best in the east beats worst in the east by a score of 2-1. Does that mean that the Bruins - who we couldn't beat at all - sucked that badly or did the Islanders - who we couldn't beat either - do that well? Either way, I'm mad.
  • Sens battled back to win 4-3 in shootouts. Saw the winner in the shootouts and it looked kind of awful from Fleury's point of view. I'm mad that it's the Sens who won.
  • Grabovski got a hat trick and the stupid Leafs won 8-6 over the Flames. The Flames seem to like to wrack up the score, eh? Edit: they tell me he only had 2 goals and some number of assists. And Jokinen got the hat trick. Oh that makes me feel a lot better. NOT. Whatever. Too many people scored too many goals. Kipper you suck. Gerber you suck too. BAH.
  • Ovie got the shootout winner as the Caps downed the Hurricanes. Thank you Theodore and Backstrom for also doing some work in the shootout. And thanks Semin for the goal and three assists. Nice work for Ovie though. Oh yes, I'm biased.
  • And Tampa Bay came back and won in shootouts against the Panthies. Good.

All this really doesn't cheer me up because it makes me realize that the Habs are only hanging in there because the games of other teams have gone in their favor. Yuck.


Number31 said...

Jokinen had the hat trick, actually. Grabs only had 2 goals. But wtf was that anyway?! The scores in this "new" NHL are weird...

Eternal Pessimist said...

Really? Could have sworn I read Grabs got it... Oh well, that makes me feel slightly better. Slightly.

Number31 said...

Ya, his second was an empty netter. My brother came upstairs with this look of bewilderment on his face and a "wtf happened in Toronto and how many goalies did they go through".

Eternal Pessimist said...

Maybe they didnt have any goalies in the nets... maybe they just put in carboard versions of the goalies in the net... Seems like the only logical explanation.

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