Habs play badly but I get FREE stuff!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

First off, I feel that, out of respect to my parents who paid way too much for these tickets, I can't talk about this game the way I would have if I had stayed home and watched it. I appreciate greatly what my parents did and dissing the Habs and the game feels really ungrateful to me (because, let's face it, nobody in their right mind would say that that game was good for anyone other than the Islanders).

The Bell Center was really nice
For once it had good ice
The Habs were bad
And made EP sad
But at least she got to see Price!

Hah. I love Price's is name sometimes... =p

Anyway....I'll leave the dissing to the people who stayed at home and I'll bring up the positives for me.
  • First time going to the Bell Center in over ten years. Never saw a hockey game there before. I love the arena. I wish they could make the bloody tickets affordable so I could sit in there all the time.
  • I liked the big screen =) We could argue that they shouldn't have spent all that money on it, but it's WAY better than that tiny little thing they have in Ottawa.... Plus, it allowed me to take some pictures of the guys because I couldn't see their faces from where I was sitting (yeah, I was that high up).
  • Priiiceeey! He wasn't in Ottawa when I was there so I was very pleased to see him there.....Even if he was being a twerp and wouldn't stand still long enough for me to take a half decent picture... I mean c'mon... Even Halak cooperated during the warmup! You make me so sad sometimes, Price...
  • Like I just said... I got to see Jaro too because I made it in time for the warmup thing. Yay! I would have hugged him if I wasn't a mile above ice level =)
  • Some teams have ice girls with Gatling gun things to shoot stuff at people. We have.... crazy guys in a zamboni thing. Interesting.....
  • I was sitting in the middle of nowhere but that middle of nowhere place was actually quite good because I was in the middle of building and could see the entire rink. Well, I could have seen the entire rink of the people directly in front of me didn't have huge heads and therefore obstructed my few directly below me. Someone should have given them ten minutes for fan obstruction.
  • I got a free car flag thing. Actually two. I won't put it on the car but I like free stuff. They don't give out enough free stuff...I want free tickets next time damnit!
  • I also got a keychain from my dad who came with me to the game as a belated birthday present. I love keychains =) I wish I had enough keys for all my keychains....
  • When the Habs got their second goal I high-fived random people around me. It was kind of cool. I just hope none of them are sick though... If I get sick I'll be hunting them down....
  • Screaming kids are a lot nicer when they're screaming "Go Habs" instead of "Go Sens"....And actually know the names of their own players. We have such wonderful and smart kids in this city.... =)
  • The crowd was quiet which wasn't a bad thing when you consider I thought they were going to boo their own team to hell for various reasons....Okay so they did boo their own team at some point. I was ready to boo them too. Oh right. Positive thoughts... Positive thoughts...
  • They showed a highlight of Ovechkin's goal against Philly. If kristin got a picture of Ovie, I promised to be nice to the Flyers until the playoffs (still waiting to see if I have to actually fulfill that) so instead of being mean to the Flyers, I'll just say "YEEEEEEEEEEEES! OVIE SCORED! OVIE SCORED!" Edit: She took lots of very pretty pictures of Ovie today!!!! YAY! So I have to be nice to the Flyers now. But Briere gets a pass. Good! I hope he was squashed like a bug tonight...... Maybe he could have fought with Semin? Semin would SO win that... =D
  • I'm convinced that this jersey is cursed. I get it for my birthday and the Habs immediately suck and Carbo gets fired. I wear it today and the Habs suck. Then again.. I didn't have it during February.. so maybe it's not cursed after all....
  • Had a great day until about a minute into OT. Other than that it was great!
  • You can see the really awful photos here. One day if I ever fork over another mortgage loan to see another game live, I'll bring my better camera.....
Enemy watch - thank god things almost went the way I wanted them to
  • Ovie beat the Flyers! Was glued to this score throughout the whole Habs/Isles game.
  • Bruins stomped on Sens. Well, they tried to stomp on them but then they came back and then they flattened them for good. And to think it wasn't that long ago when everyone was talking about the SENS stomping on the BRUINS. Haha...Wait... yeah... HAHAH!
  • Mason fended off the Pens. Even if the Jackets blew a 3-0 lead in the third period and had to go to OT. Was watching that score very closely tonight. Stupid, stupid, stupid, Jackets though... blowing a 3-0 lead in the span of what looked like five minutes....Edit: Oh wait, it was just over three minutes actually. Delightful.
  • Stars actually beat the Hurricanes. YAY! Thank you Turco! And Begin scored too. Yay!
  • The toothies beat the kitties. Thank you Buffalo!
  • Bolts beat the Leafs. Congrats. I think.
  • Flames rallied to beat the Red Wings in shootouts. I wouldn't be very pleased if I was the Mike Babcock right now...
  • Stupid Nashville lost to New York's other team....
  • Devils ran over Phoenix. I'm already betting that they'll blank the Habs on Saturday.
  • San Jose lost 3-1 to the Blues?! Did I read that right? Guess the Blues figured out how to handle the Sharks...or at least Boucher... HAHAHA....Guess Boucher ain't so big and strong... poor Boucher.....Okay, I feel pathetic for having to reduce myself to bashing the Sharks... Meh... it's one in the morning... be nice to me....


kristin said...

Sorry I'm commenting so late, but I'm a bit under the weather and came right home from work and took a loooooong nap.

Sounds like going to the game was a good time, other than the actual game part of it!

I was not happy with that Ovie goal during the Flyers game because he did his little dancing around and celebrating. I don't mind when he does it on his home ice, but it rubbed me the wrong way in our house.

My goodness, that big screen is so clear! Even in your pictures, it's like...wow! I wonder if they let you bring in big cameras like they let me bring in at the Wachovia Center. I doubt it.

I didn't get to see the Habs game because my Tivo sucks and forgot to change to the right channel. Grrrr.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Haha, people keep saying that Ovie does it to rub it in people's faces but you know, he hadn't scored in a few games so I guess it's understandable that he was excited? Then again... this is coming from the person who didn't actually scream and curse at him when he scored that so-called "best goal ever" against Price like every other Habs fan did..... oh man... I'm really turning into an Ovie fan aren't I?

ANYWAY! I don't think they'd have a problem with big cameras in there... I didn't bring mine because I didn't feel like lugging it around for the entire day (plus I was in the middle of nowhere and bringing in a bigger camera wasn't going to make Price stand stiller) but I don't see why they'd have an issue at the Bell Center. Maybe just in case, bring it in a smallish bag. As long as you dont' look like you're about to do a huge photo shoot in there, you should be okay....I think they're issue is more with video stuff... they don't like that but photos should be fine.

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