*pokes Hossa*

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Who wants to bet that if the Wings fail to win the Stanley Cup, Hossa will split and join the next contender that comes up? (You think he's cursing himself for completely failing to predict that Boston would be drop dead amazing this year?)

Pens got blanked by the Wings in a mostly boring game. Maybe I was missing something but I though the entire first period was a really boring. No scoring, and everyone looked like they had just woken up and were still groggy. I went off to vacuum the carpet while the second period opened up. Things weren't looking bad for the Pens - in fact despite the fact that their powerplay was more ineffectual than the Habs' they had had some good quality chances at scoring a goal - until Datsyuk messed things up with a beautiful powerplay goal *sighs* Still it was only 1-0 going into the third but it was looking more and more like the Wings were going to take this one - I'm tired of this scene where my team is down by one goal going into the third and then they blow it completely.....this is so sad. Despite the fact that Hossa and Datsyuk scored two more goals, I thought Fleury played well. It wasn't like any of those goals were bad or cheap or anything...Hossa's goal should never have happened but we can all blame Staal for not knocking Hossa off the puck at the blueline for that goal. Bah....C'mon Pens.... you can do better than that..... that's just sad that Hossa gets to gloat about blanking you in your own building........


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