Lang gone + Gauthier gets 5 games for hit

Monday, February 2, 2009

So the perky dude is officially gone for the rest of the season and quite possibly that was it for his career too.... Look, I wasn't overly fond of the guy but he was starting to grow on me a lot and this is a real blow to the team. He's been really good for the team. He's almost always had a great work ethic on the ice and in case no one else noticed, the Habs didn't drop 8 games in a row and 9 straight at home with Lang on their team like a certain other team has done a certain other guy....*sighs* We'll see what happens now....

What's definitely going to happen is there will be a lot of angry people over the fact that Gauthier got five games for hitting Gorges. Five games? Are you kidding me? A guy makes insulting comments about his ex and he gets six games while the league - who claims to want to cut down on hits like the one Gauthier dished out - gives Gauthier five games. Someone explain this to me. I'm obviously missing something. Yes, Avery was a pain, yes, everyone was getting sick of him, yes he was being immature, but in the end the most he did was make himself look like an idiot and maybe hurt his ex's feelings (although I'm sure she wasn't as enraged about his comments as the rest of the league seemed to be). I don't know the extent of Gorges injuries but concussing someone is a serious matter. If the players can't show more respect towards each other then the league has to step up and has to be more forceful with their suspensions.


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