If Boston makes the finals, I know who to cheer for

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ABB. Anybody But Boston. And right now, I'd love that anybody to be San Jose. Going into last night's game, I had never really watched the Sharks for more than 10 minutes (the last night I saw them they had 3 goals after less than 10 minutes against... I think it was Vancouver). I'm not even a Sharks fan at all.... BUT I couldn't help but see what they could do against Boston and I have to say that I loved how they played last night. And I loved how they played in the third period in particular. Boston was up 2-1 after the first period thanks to some whacko called Milan Lucic (I was half hoping he'd be injured for the rest of the year) and the score stayed that way until the third period when San Jose unloaded completely on the Bruins with 4 unanswered goals. Fine, so one of those goals went off Joe Thornton's toe and one was into an empty net. Big deal. It wouldn't have gone off of Thornton's foot if he hadn't been right at the net and it wouldn't have gone into an empty net if they Sharks hadn't been up 4-2 on the Bruins. The Bruins could have - ahem, SHOULD have - scored when they had a 5 on 3 powerplay but their powerplay sucked all night going 0 for 5 (Sharks went 1 for 1). I just loved how the Sharks pretty much completely shut down the Bruins in the third period. It was borderline beautiful hockey. Something I haven't seen in.... oh.... well..... a long time.....Boston had no real answers for them in the third.... Oh I know it's pathetic that I have to take this much pleasure in a Bruins loss but too bad... I can't help it... And San Jose was just so good in that period......

Ahhh......this could very well be the year that the Sharks actually get past the semis............ *dreams of seeing Detroit and Boston get creamed by San Jose* Oh San Jose you are my only true hope at playoff happiness this year...... *stares off into space*

someone snap me out of this when the Habs go to play the Oilers... actually on second thought.... maybe not..... I like this dream a lot....It's almost as good as the one where the Habs went bowling instead of practicing and after pretending that the bowling pins were every team in the league who has given them problems, they magically came back, cured of all ills, and decimated everyone in sight........


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