I hope Price saw this....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

And by "this" I mean this here. And I really hope that this entire city is reading this too.

I feel bad for Price. He's obviously not having a very good time of it right now but I'm sure that he can come out of this. We haven't given up on you yet Pricey. *tears self away from the replays of some of Halak's brilliant saves last night* Honestly, we still love you Price!

^ Halak meets South Park. I was going to do my own but photoshop wasn't being all that nice to me so I just edited a character that you can randomly make over here. How can you hate Halak now? Don;t you just want to hug him to death right now?

Watch as I say this and he goes off and lets in 10 straight goals tomorrow....

......And congrats to Mike Green on the new record for most consecutive games in which a defenseman has scored a goal! You have nothing to do with my current woes (for now) but that's totally awesome that you got that record.


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