Hey Islanders fans...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Can I join you? I mean, at this rate I'll be joining you in April anyway.... But right now I'd give anything to be an Islanders fan because at least they never had any hope from the beginning that their team would do something. And that's actually a lot better than sitting here suffering through this bloody roller coaster ride to the golf courses......Islanders fans get to look forward to nabbing Tavares. But me? I get to look forward to hearing the media having a lot of fun at my team's misfortune. Great.

I want to say I'm stunned about this game but I can't after watching that.

I want to say that they fought hard through the whole game and the Pens eked out a win, but I can't because despite the close score, the Pens controlled most of the game (mainly because they weren't making stupid line changes and they could clear the puck, you know?)

I want to say that they're all tired from last night and that's why they lost tonight, but that just sounds like a bad excuse....

I want to say that they'll get through this and end up in the playoffs without having to play Boston in the first round, but I'm can't get my head around the idea that they won't go down faster than the Titanic at this point.

And I want to say that this is just a game and at the end of the day I don't care, but I can't do that either. I care - probably too much.

What? I've got this name for a reason you know!

I will say that I officially hate Crosby, Malkin looks like his has about as much emotion as a toothpick, Pleky and Andrei looked great, is that really Kovy coming back?!, I love Ottawa losing and I actually feel bad for Carbonneau right this second. The cameras caught him staring off into space with a resigned look on his face. I'd put Carbo down for the list of people who need a hug but it's rather long and I'm still trying to get my name down first....wait you're turn!

I want to watch Sweeney Todd now....That should be put in a better mood. Nothing like a little blood soaked musical to get you going again. And no, I'm not being sadistic... the lyrics are really hilarious which makes the whole thing so surreal....it's like watching the Habs... a bloody mess with some very dark humor moments.... hopefully the Habs won't end up like Sweeney did though...that was..... well... watch the movie yourself..


kristin said...

I didn't get to watch the game because I was at the darn Flyers game. I did keep a watchful eye on the out of town scoreboard. I was happy to see that the Habs kept tying it up. It made me feel like they were really fighting, but your post makes me think otherwise.

Should I watch the replay or not waste my time? It's good that they are at least scoring goals again, right? Right?!?

Eternal Pessimist said...

Skip the first period. And ignore the Puffleheads's second goal in the second period... and then ignore Gonchar's goal in the third... and then you'll be okay.

Anonymous said...

I feel for you. That couldn't have been a fun game to watch.

(Sorry if this posts twice.)

Eternal Pessimist said...

I appreciate the sympathy *sniffles*

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