Excuse me if I'm not crying buckets here....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Anyone else read Dave Stubb's story about George Gillett? You'd think that we're all supposed to be crying buckets for the guy (hmm, buckets is such a nice word don't you think?) after reading that.

Oh come on....

I really wish that people would stop blaming the behavior of the players, particularly the the Kostitsyn brothers and Hamrlik. We have no idea when they were doing any of this and whether it actually affected their game or not. I want to be clear that I'm not defending their behavior necessarily. I think it's just as stupid as the next guy hopefully does. But I don't believe for one second that these three are the first people to blow their money on cars, booze and women. And I don't believe that they will be the last either. What do you honestly expect out of a bunch of young guys with a lot of money to burn in a major city like this? Did you honestly think that they'd donate their money to World Wildlife Fund and spend their free time in a soup kitchen? Look, I'm just saying that I think it's really silly that the media is jumping on these guys.

No one should be surprised that this is what they do. When those infamous pictures in Mexico were the scandal of the hour, someone pointed out that the media in Montreal is stuck in the last century. They don't get that a lot of guys - and not just hockey players with a lot of money to burn - do this all the time. Again, I'm not endorsing this type of behavior, but it's really not all that shocking and yet the media acts as though it is. Come back and tell me if the police lay any charges for illegal activity and in the mean time, stop acting like being stupid is a criminal offense. Because it's not.

Now even without all these non-scandals, we're supposed to be crying buckets for Gillett because the team that he poured a pile of money into is tanking big time. It's just oh so sad that the players care more about partying, drinking, smoking and generally just not listening to their coach for the heck of it, than they do about putting up a decent effort for their poor deprived owner.

Oh pleeeaaaase.

The only thing I'm going to do with that bucket is puke in it. While the Habs are tanking, Gillett is raking quite a lot of money. While I want to think that he cares more about this team than he does about the money that he makes, I can't easily believe that's the truth. I don't blame Gillett. Nobody in their right mind buys a team without at least hoping to make money off of it. Not even multi-millionaire businessmen who can buy these teams like you go out and buy bubblegum at the store. I just don't get why I should be feeling bad for him when he's happily making money regardless of how the team preforms.

If you want to feel for someone, feel bad for the fans. They're the ones who (usually) care about the team and have done so for a lot longer than Gillett has. They're the ones who are parting with large sums of money to go see their Habs put up epic fail after epic fail. They are the ones who for some unknown reason are readying to part with a lot of money to buy this overpriced merchandise crap.

I'm happy that Gillett bought the team and is doing all of this for whoever he's doing it for. I'm not saying that he's a bad owner either. I'm just saying, I'm not about to feel bad for him just because this year has been crappy.

[why yes, it is a slow news day and I've still got two and a half hours till the puck drops for the Sens/Habs game and am bored out of my mind..... I think I'll go clear out the dust bunnies under my desk while I wait....why hello little dust bunny. I'm going to name you Daniel Briere *tosses in garbage in the garbage can* byebye Danny!]


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