Bye Renney + I need to stop drawing stick people

Monday, February 23, 2009

Click the pretty picture to see full size. If you dare.

Say "sayonara" to Tom Renney as he just got the boot as the Rangers headcoach. I'm honestly pretty sad at this because now the new coach is going to try to kick the Rangers into action. I was just starting to enjoy them being bad. Anyway, Renney's firing is not a surprise at all and now I can officially say that all the coaches who went over to Europe have been fired. Hmm, watch out Mike Babcock and Joel Quennsomethingrather. You guys could be next!

So let's all hope that the Habs can win some games and the Rangers can stink for a bit longer so the Habs can gain some ground on a playoff spot.

Jeez, is it ever a slow news day....*snores* Bring on some interesting game... no, Sharks vs Stars isn't interesting...


Anonymous said...

Looks like Tortorella is going to be the new guy in NYR. That stinks. I was hoping he'd be the next Pens coach!

I sent the drawing from this post to a guy I work with, and he said he's going to make it his new wallpaper on his work PC. :)

Word verification: yelehar, what Therrien did to threaten his "soff" defensemen.

kristin said...

Seriously, your drawings crack me up!

Eternal Pessimist said...

Justin - ooooo.... I was trying really hard to come up with something for Therrien to say... Here, I changed it around a bit. It's a bit more... uh... insane... *g*

Kristin - yay!

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