We ain't Kansas anymore...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

...oh wait, the Predators are from Tennessee....Well, it's not exactly cold in Tennessee either. With the temperature down to at least - 20 here in Habstown, I can only hope that the Preds don't freeze on they the way to the Bell Center tonight. Oh wait... that wouldn't be such a bad thing...

Kovalev is doubtful for tonight. He's got the flu (hmm, seems to be a lot of that going on), so the Habs called up Gregory Stewart from the Hammies just in case. If he plays he'll get the fourth line with Chipchura and Begin while D'Agostini will get a chance with Plekanec and Pacioretty. Maybe that will actually be a good thing for D'Agostini... He needs to start playing with a little more fire again. We loved him so much before and it wasn't necessarily because he was scoring goals - which was nice - but because he brought a pile of energy to the team that really needed it. Now with so many Hammies up and a lot of attention on Pacioretty D'Agostini has kind of been forgotten....Wake up Matt! You can do it! We know you can!

But ANYWAY. I want to see the Habs rebound from that very tragic loss in Boston and come out and run over the Predators. I know the Habs have this silly mental block when it comes to lower ranked teams but I'm hoping that they're past that now. If they want points then the next two games are a really good time to start grabbing them (and maybe, just maybe things will be different against the Devils next week?). Nashville stands 22nd in the League right now and they are 8-13-2 when playing away. While the stats say that the Habs have lost their last game and the Preds have won their last one, it should be noted that the Habs lost to Boston, currently 2nd in the league and the Preds beat... Toronto. No explanation needed there other than it was the first time in 7 away games that the Preds won. Eh.

My prediction: If the Habs play like they're capable of: Habs 5 Preds 1. If the Habs play like they shouldn't be playing... Habs 4 Preds 3

Anyway... There's a thing on the NHL site where Komisarek talks about his mom, Kathy, who died of cancer three years ago. It's quite touching actually. It's over here.


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