Bring on the musical lineup again!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just when I was beginning to think "Hey, Carbo hasn't moved around his lines" he goes and does just that. Granted, I was waiting for this to happen since Koivu and Higgins have come back. But I'm slightly puzzled as to why he's sitting out Pacioretty and O'Byrne tonight. I thought O'Byrne was one of the better player against Tampa Bay actually. And Pacioretty has been good with Kovalev.....Oh well. Brisebois is taking over from O'Byrne and Begin is back....I hadn't noticed that he was out before.... Oh well.... Hope they're up to it. I'm still waiting for the day when Plekanec takes a stint in the press box. Lineup should be:

A. Kostitsyn - Lang - Kovalev
Higgins - Koivu - D'Agostini
Latendresse - Lapierre - Kostopoulos
Begin - Plekanec - S. Kostitsyn

Brisebois is with Boullion.

And Price is in nets because... well, we just can't have Halak, right?


And yes, the Fed won last night. Straight sets. I didn't see the match - decided against it in the end - but from what I saw later and from what I heard, Roddick did really well. This is great for Roddick and if Davydenko goes the way of the dodo and the Frenchmen start to overachieve some more then Roddick can maybe make a bid for the no. 5 spot. He can do it! Bring on Rafa in the finals, I say! Well, actually... it would be nicer if it was Verdasco because he'll wilt completely but he has no chance of beating Rafa tonight...

About the mini controversy concerning the roof policy.....

I think that's really unfair of them not to close the roof before Serena played Kuznetsova. How much hotter can it get within the half hour or so their first set took? Surely they at least a feeling that they would need to close it when the players got on court? The conditions are completely different once you close that roof - and it was obvious that it was helping Serena. I'm not saying this because I'm biased against Serena. I would have said the same thing if it had been the other way around. When doing something like closing the roof can have such a drastic affect on the outcome of the match it should be done before the match. Not in the middle. They really need to come up with a more definite policy about this heat stuff. There were a lot of players who had to play through some tough weather and they had to tough it out. That's not fair.


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