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Monday, January 26, 2009

I have visions of Federer sitting up in some fancy hotel staring at the TV screen gloating right about now. Andy Murray who? Mr. Supposed Favorite just crashed out against... wait for... Fernando Verdasco! Oh no, not Verdasco..... Well, I was sleeping through the whole thing but apparently Murray didn't do too well and Verdasco played really well and the Spanish dude took it in 5 sets. While it's kind of nice to see Murray out - okay, really nice - now I'm worried about Federer and maybe Nadal getting too easy a time of it. Oh well, we'll see. Verdasco will face Tsonga next while Nadal will take on Simon. If Nadal and Tsonga win then they'll play each other which could be interesting. The Fed will run over Del Potro and the defending champ will play the other Andy.


O'Byrne is back. The poor guys is best remembered for putting the puck into his own (empty) net when the Habs were completely underachieving against the lowly Islanders back in November. The Habs continued to be crap and ultimately lost the game in a shootout. After that O'Byrne sat out in the press box for quite some time before he was sent back to the Hammies to regain his confidence which I'm sure took a real beating. You don't put the puck into your own net like that without it being all over the place. And when you consider that you're a member of the team who suffers the most at the hands of their media... you're doomed. But anyway, I'm hoping that his confidence has returned to some degree. That incident was an accident. Stupid? Yes. Was it his fault that they lost? No. Here's hoping everyone has put it behind them and we can move on now.


Grrrreg said...

Good for O'Byrne. I think he can be a good defenseman for the habs. But there was more than this costly mistake. He as less than stellar since the beginning of the season. I hope he will benefit from his passage in Hamilton.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Me too.....!

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