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Monday, December 1, 2008

A roundup of how the football went this weekend: Real Madrid lost to Getafe 3-1, Chelsea forgot how to play again and lost to Arsenal 2-1 and Liverpool tied with...West Ham.... What kind of name is West Ham anyway? Bleh. That was icky. And no, I didn't see any of it. Good thing too.

In slightly better news... While the Baby Habbies (that would be the Hamilton Bulldogs) lost 5-3 to the Bingysomethingrather Senators at the Bell Center last night, apparently Yannick Weber (did you know that he's Swiss? *G*) and Max Pacioretty put up a really good game, which is good news. Yes, you heard a lot about them at the training camp thing and the pre-season stuff. They were the last to be sent back to Hamilton and a lot fans wished that they had stayed. Anyway... I didn't end up going because.... I had no money but yeah, apparently it was fun for the Bulldogs because they don't get to play here usually and the fans here are rapid even if it's not the Habs playing... so yeah... Hopefully the Ickle Habbies will get back to winning and make the other Habs want to win too... because c'mon, let's face it, you don't want people telling you that your AHL affiliate is doing a million times better than you... even if it's the AHL....

My hockey crazed side is trying not to think about how the Habbies will do tomorrow against the very lowly Thrashers tomorrow. I'm of the opinion that if they really want to start winning they have a golden opportunity to start right now. The Thrashers quite simply stink right now. What the Habbies need to do is not die against the Thrashers, but instead come out and show them why the Thrashers are sitting in 29th place and the Habs aren't, by beating them by a lot. Compared 29th, 7th looks really good, no? Good plan, no? We've played one less game than San Jose but are currently ELEVEN points behind them........!


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