Sunday, December 28, 2008

Math time! If the Germans beat the Kazakhs 9-0 and the Germans previously lost 8-2 to the Americans, how much will Canada beat the Kazakh's by? Answer: an embarassing 15-0.

Yeah, it was a scoring fest in Ottawa today. The big question coming into this game was whether the Kazakhs could match shots on goal with goals scored by the Canadians.

But let's be honest here. Were all those goals really necessary? Once you were up even 6-0 surely that was enough to prove your point? I missed the entire game but I did see the faces of all the players after the game. No one was happy. While I like Canada winning, I don't like winning like this. Sure they weren't rubbing it in their faces by the end but the stats are there for everyone to see. Well, not on TSN. I had to go looking for them elsewhere. For the records:


Canada: 15 Kazakhstan: 0


Canada: 1 Kazakhstan: 9

Shots on goal

Canada: 69 Kazakhstan: 11

Isn't that sad?

Oh and Russia beat Finland 5-2. Filatov is showing why Columbus should have kept him and not have let him come here *g*


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