The bell/horn thing that goes off when you score...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Whatever you call those things. Anyway, I was sitting here after the Habbies lost to the Hurricanes and instead of thinking about why we are losing so badly like this, I started thinking about the various sounds that go off when the home team scores. And then I thought... hey, why don't I listen to every single one in the league and ramble about them? It was late at night and I was tired. Anyway, there's pretty much three different categories: The truck sound, the foghorn and the train. And then there's various horrid combinations of them all.

Anaheim - Maybe it was just my speakers but it sounded awfully like a dying whale to me... It had a deep pitched sound that lowered at the end. I was kind of hoping for a duck squacking. That would be so much better. B

Atlanta - a veeeeery looooong truck sound. Much too long. Ick. C

Boston - Sounds much like the Flyers (foghorn) but it doesn't drag on and on forever. Not bad. But then again, it's Boston we're talking about so obviously this thing going off is not cool because it means that Boston's scored.... B

Buffalo- A very annoying combination of a truck and a train. It blasts two or three times and doesn't stop. I really dislike this one. C

Calgary - They went for the train sound. The first one wasn't too bad but the second one went off forever. Not bad. Not good either. It just is. B

Carolina - Eh, it's okay. Nothing original. It goes off twice. Oddly enough it seems to go off when the refs announce a no-goal for the opposing team. Whatever floats your boat, I guess....B

Chicago - Another truck...boooooriiiiiiing.... B -

Colorado - Yet another truck-ish sound that goes off three times. The sound definitely beats the Avs home jersey colours so bonus points for that. B+

Columbus - Another foghorn which would have boring, but the fact that they use the sound of canons going off makes it rather interesting. Bonus points for creativity. A

Dallas - A high pitched truck thing that goes on for a long time too. I'm about as fond of this one as I am of the Stars' home jersey.... C

Detroit - the Red Wings went for the truck sound here. I would rather that it didn't go off when Hossa scores but I guess they can't be selective over when the bell thing goes off...A -

Edmonton - The first one was a single short blast. Short and simple. Perfect. Except if you're a fan of the Oilers, in which case it could be longer. There is a case for longer horn blasts. But for all the people who don't like the Oilers and want to scream when they score, the sound isn't one of those "Haha. In your face, we scored!". The second time they scored it was longer. Just the right length but the pitch of the horn is actually annoying when it's held for that long. First blasts A. Second B -

Florida - It was really hard to concentrate on this when all I could think of was how annoying the announcers were but anyway, I would put this one into the train section. It was kind of boring and I was more disappointed that the other team let the puck go in (yeah, I was paying more attention to the highlights of the game than the task at hand). C

L.A. - The Kings went for the train affect here. It's a decent length. Not obnoxious. B+

Minnesota - middle pitched train sound. Not very creative here from the Christmas-trees. B-

Montreal - It's sort of like a high pitched train horn (which I hear a lot of). Obviously I'm totally biased towards it, so the only thing I could say is for the rest of the world it could come off as slightly obnoxious, I guess. But I like it. I like it when the Habbies score goals. We don't get enough of them. A+++++++++++++ in my very biased opinion =p

Nashville - A nasal sounding bus-ish that sounds really annoying. At least it doesn't go off for too long and you're put of your misery fairly quickly. C

New Jersey - Weird combination of a truck and a train. Not a fan of this one. C-

N. Y. Islanders - A rather nasalish sound that goes off twice. Well at least it doesn't have just one sound that continues until you want to break it. And it's not like the Islanders score a lot anyway so all in all, it's not the worst out there. C+

N.Y. Rangers - yet another train sound. Goes off three times. Not a bad one. B-

Ottawa - I really don't like this one. It's a really weird mix of a truck a train and a fog horn and it just goes on and on in a really annoying way. Yuck. F!!!!!

Philadelphia - Sounds like some type of fog horn. Except it goes on and on forever. You just want to smash it. Then again, my dislike for the sound could have something to do with my dislike of the Flyers getting a goal in the first place... F....

Phoenix - I've heard better sounding trains before. C+

Pittsburgh - Finally, a decent bell thing at a decent pitch that lasts for a decent length. Yes! A

San Jose - It was hard to hear it with all the people screaming themselves horse, but it sounded something like a deep boat horn type of sound. I could have sworn that it went off twice but it was hard to tell. Best sound. A+

St. Louis - a truck/foghorn mix that goes off once or twice (I couldn't hear between the stupid announcers and the crowd). Nice pitch too. B+

Tampa Bay - a veeeeeeeeery long truck horn thing that goes off in two loooong blasts. Don't care much for the team or the horn thing. C+

Toronto - The Maple Losers erm, Leafs went for the semi-unoriginal tug boat blast. It goes off twice but you can't hear it that well while the poor deprived fans cheer their heads off. Guess they have to celebrate the little things, yeah? C-

Vancouver - Sounds like a truck going off. You know, before they try to run you over, they honk their horn at you? Well, it sounds like that. And it just goes on forever. Like the team most of the time, hate the bell. Sowwy! F

Washington - A very annoyingly pitched truck sound - and was that an alarm bell going off in the background? Of course things get even more annoying when it's Ovechkin that does most of the scoring and no one gets his name right. So you get an annoying bell thing AND you get the announces ruining Ovechkin's name. Ick. C


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