A victory! And... Andy Murray is everywhere!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

At last, the Habs win! Okay, so from what I saw (and I only saw the end of the second period and the third period) it wasn't a particularly good game again. More stupid passing, defense still seemed a little dead, they got too many penalties again, oh and there's still the problem of scoring on the power-play (when was the last time we scored on the powerplay?), and the problem of scoring in general, AND they had to go to shootouts which was icky (man, I'm starting to sound like a broken record), but still: they technically won. Thank the hockey gods for that. And thank Price for saving all three shots. And Kovalev for scoring on the Habs third attempt (I thought he wasn't supposed to be good at shootouts?). Now, maybe that will pick up the Habs and get 'em winning again. Maybe. Hopefully. They're obviously very capable of being good. Now just forget about all those stupid loses and get to winning again, darnit! The Hurricanes are coming up on Tuesday so we shall see what happens.

I've been reading some critisism about Carbonneau lately. I don't know enough about hockey still to form a proper opinion on his coaching abilities but I will say this 1) if we're complaining based on how the last couple of weeks went then I think we should just calm down and wait and see what happens 2) we could have been stuck with Barry Melrose instead. 'nuff said.

Random note: I can't seem to escape Andy Murray these days. There was an Andy Murray on the Blue Jackets' team last week, there's of course *the* Andy Murray who is everywhere now - you win a few big matches and suddenly you're everywhere, and today I learn that the St. Louis Blues' head coach is named Andy Murray. Andy Murray is everywhere I tell you!!!! *dies*


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